Overseas business service

At present, it's well-known that kinds of commodities in Japanese market are

manufactured by overseas company. However, ten more years ago, it's also well-known

that people had bad impression on goods that made by Asian countries, such as China and Vietnam.

Now the manufacturing technique of Asian countries is remarkably improved and products

quality is incomparably improved. On the other hand, many workers leave the manufacturing

plant along with the rapid economic development, then the worries of unstable human

resources are increased.

Overseas inspection is very common now, but only dividing the products into passed

and defective goods is not enough, that will affect the quality of whole overseas production.

The key is to reduce loss of time and cost, sharing information among clients, producer

and inspection center can help our rapid operation.

Overseas GF centers are centered in China and they can work near the production district.

If you are worried about overseas production, please feel free to contact us, we will

provide the solution of all overseas GF branches.

◆Guide of compatible business

Distribution processing such as goods inspection, checking, needle detection,

X-ray inspection, off-site inspection, quality control service, attach price tag,

special package and so on; assort, fabric inspection, repairing for fabric and products.

Overseas business service - the merit

Keeping every center-in the pursue of [quality], it already opens

more than 30 GF overseas companies.

Among those 30 companies, there are 28 centers that have Japanese

permanent deligates, they keep carrying out Japanese quality.

At the nearest place of production, we provide whole inspection only, needle

detection, off site inspection and X-ray inspection under the strict management

system with the impression of safety and ease to clients.

Linking every line-send accurate information to make overseas

production nearer and fluent.

We are in the middle of producer and client and sending accurate information timely.

At the same time of not allowing unqualified goods shipped out, we are endeavoring

to help the overseas production process to be more fluent.

The that it is possible to combine the information which spreads

out on the surface - is won only in the production place service

proposal one step ahead

It is spreading out in the base in Asian each place mainly in China.

It is possible to combine the information which is won only in the production place and

the system which can answer for the needs of the customer in all the scenes is ready.

We propose service one step ahead by the overwhelming volume of information.

Industry solution case and so on

◆Bring garments to GF to do inspection

1 Total inspection+needle detection(X-ray inspection)

2 Random inspection+needle detection(X-ray inspection)

3 Needle detection(X-ray inspection)

4 Above 1.2.3 + distribution processing

◆Off site inspection to production factory

1 Total inspection

2 Random inspection(Any time such as during production or before delivery)

3 Quality control service( Visit factory and issue production stage information at any time)

※Besides, the combination of each business, too, is applicable according to the request.

Overview of the business flow


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