Physical distribution out-sourcing such as the online shopping

According to JApan Direct Marketing Association (JADMA), as for the domestic online shopping

proceeds in 2008, as for the market size of 4,140,000,000,000 yen ( 6.7 % of year-on-year

comparison addition of 260,000,000,000 yen of the previous year addition ) and the online

shopping, it is recording the past maximum by the continuation in 10.

However, the more the sales increase, the ordering business and the inventory control business, the

shipment returning business and so on increase more and a wide range of problems such as the

personnel securing space securing which accompanies them occur.

Therefore, by the service which is consistent to the business of the transportation from planning

the foreign country manufacture of the product the business of the quality control such as the

inspection inspection the foreign country manufacture base to Japan and the customs clearance from

it them, to it, and then the in and inspection business, the inventory control and the

shipping-function, we propose the business of everything about the Net sale business in the total.

Moreover, in the 2010 beginning of the year seasonableness, it answers for the request of the

for the coustomer service up, we have the plan of call center business service.

Support of the online shopping business - the merit

Point of the Net sale business success is the speed of the product

site up!

" It isn't possible to be sold by a product because the image isn't in time though

there is it.

" GF which should make site up " which is early in a little of " which should solve

a problem with loss possible begins photography in the foreign countries.

Scale merit which the overwhelming base volume produces and the

careful service

It utilizes the feature of the domestic base and the GF group from 30 of GF, to the

overseas base equal to or more than 15 and the provision of the consistent service to

the end user such as the planning, the production, the inspection, the inspection,

the transportation, the clearing the customs, the inventory control, the shipment is


It provides the service that - evolves with the customer and

stable business ( relieved ).

We think January, 2010 which should answer for the request of the customer as much

as possible about the offer of the service of the order processing, the call center

business and so on, too, in the aim.

GF aims at of " whole-heartedly loved company " and sends a relief to everybody's.

Overview of the business flow

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