Characteristic of forwarding service

As for the customer, the cost reduction with the production phase, too, is reaching a limit from

the request of the price reduction of the product, the short appointed date of delivery from the

customer.Then, the request such as " the reduction of the physical distribution cost " and " the

smooth transportation which was conscious of the appointed date of delivery " becomes stronger.

Moreover, the problem of the paperwork load of the customer to support a small lot, a short

appointed date of delivery, too, is an important problem.

It is possible to say that to change a mechanism through the whole physical distribution, not

merely catching in the segments such as the cost of transport, the customs clearance fee to solve

these problems is an important factor.

It is a forwarding operating company on Hongkong in October, 2008 It establishes GF Freight

Systems Company Limited.

It gets off as much as possible to the offer of the service which was in a wide range of physical

distribution needs of the customer.

GF Freight Systems Company

■Hong Kong - Head Office


     Unit 2806B, 28/F., Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road,

     Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

     TEL:(852)3590-8417  FAX:(852)2723-8668


     GF Freight Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China

     Divine Wisdom World Main,

     8-Layer B, Unit

     NO.567 Tian Shan RD. (WEST), Changning District,

     Shanghai, China

     TEL:(86)21-3953-1690  FAX:(86)21-3953-1691


     GF Freight Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China

     -Qingdao Branch

     2/F., No. 320 East Jiu Shui Road,

     Li Cang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

     TEL: (86) 532-8467-0090 / 8467-0190

Forwarding service - the merit

With to utilize the inspection, the circulation processing of foreign

countries, it contributes to the substantial cost cutting.

It realizes cost cutting by analyzing the physical distribution processing to have

merely of boiled only transportation, it wasn't captured and for it to have been done

in Japan in the past and transferring the work to be made of foreign countries to the

foreign countries with inexpensive cost.

It tackles the visualization of the physical distribution from the

reduction, the inspection of the office work burden of the customer.

The customer makes the flow of the complex information with the inspection company,

trade Koji, the carrier which was making a contact one in the past, of the office work

burden of it of the visualization of the physical distribution reduces and does the

environmental development that the customer can center on the core business in the


We provide the small service of the grain.

It uses the forwarding network which covers an our company inspection base as

Forwarder ( the forwarder ) which was specialized in the apparel, at the apparel

sundries and it supports all transportation modes.

Overview of the business flow


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