Comprehensive out-sourcing service on Distributive processing industry

Will you be headachy on the personnel arrangement due to the seasonal fluctuation on product


Are you worried about the complicated and various assorts-attaching different price tags

according to customers?

In order to do these business safely and successfully, GF opens online clients information


We issue online billing and price tag to clients, also offer shared information about

the receipt, delivery and stock of products on the website, we can proceed them safely.

It is providing the inventory making public service which it is possible to do and it supports

business, being relieved and being safe.

Support of Distributive processing - the merit

Fluent delivery

The applications received in advance about receipt and delivery of goods

are necessary/essential for arranging storage and relative personnel.

We provide a succession of services--circulation processing from receipt,

delivery and storage of goods, products inspection, pressing and repairing.

Services linked with overseas branches

Linking with GF group, we carry out a succession of services from needle detection

and products inspection in overseas divisions to receipt, delivery, storage,

circulation and forwarding of goods in domestic,

we are in possession of higher authority to meet

clients' requirements.

Stable business on garments and related products

We propose to meet clients' requirements with staff's rich experience and

provide the best distribution with enhancing our operation ability.

Overview of the business flow


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