Chairman message

Our company is the authentical distribution expert based on the

biggest arm of local apparel industry and the principle of clients first.

We are making great effort as authorized as reliable outsourcing

company by self-enlighten.

As the theme of "Constructing new logistics strategy of 21st century"

and in order to realize five essentials of logistics-cheaper, more

accurate, faster, more reliable management and establish, our company

develops worldwide business and entered into China, increasing overseas

companies, positively responding to new logistics strategy by poing

ahead of times, so that achieve information upgrading and sharing,

consolidate and develop GF group.

As a comfortable distribution base, all staff and interrelated companies

work together closely, proposing essential plans with greatly exerted

wisdom, creativity and confidence as expert.

Sincerely welcome your patronage and thanks so much for your support!

President message

Turn "Product" into "Commodity", it's our job.

Nowadays the mainstream is the supply chain management that take

all the process from production to consumption as a system to realize

rationalization, as the professional and comprehensive distribution

center on apparel, we are in possession of GF group network to realize

speed and low price independently.

To be in the position of End-User-consumer, and combine the opinion of

dweller and expert, We assume that our mission is conducting inspection

based on Clients' requirements, adjusting storage reasonably, seeking

rapid and accurate circulation and finally providing needed products to

clients. In addition, we are in possession of the ability to ascertain

fashion and the responsibility to promote apparel development.

With the great ambition, we will keep challenging the efficiency of entire

fashion distribution.