Service list

Domestic business service

In the domestic operations part, we do the help who realizes optimization,

an increase in quality with physical distribution cost as the out-sourcing

partner of the physical distribution that the customer can be trusted by

the building and the utilization of the GFgroup network and the information system.

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Overseas business service

The foreign production is proper now but in the actual production site,

that a wide range of anxiety such as the quality control follows about

is a fact.The company base in the foreign countries is about 40 bases.

The solution of the foreign division which is developing Japanese quality in the stability in each

base is an encouraging partner in foreign country manufacture.

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BtoC solution service

In recent years, the sudden expansion in the Net mail order business

market is increasing the customer who has worries by the physical

distribution business including the ordering and the inventory control.

The apparel, the know-how and the results to have crossed for many years by the apparel sundry

physical distribution and to have cultivated it, the network which spreads to the world can be

useful in doing the physical distribution becoming of the operating effectiveness.

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Forwarding service

It doesn't take a problem only in the side, merely transportation,

it takes a problem multilaterally and as Fowarder which specializes

and has a lot of all over the world numbers of the bases, the apparel

apparel sundries can be a proposal in a wide range of distress solutions about the physical

distribution of the customer.

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Work in warehouse Service

The amount of resources with sudden expansion in the mail order

market to increase and the physical distribution cost overhead costs

to continue increase.

About the business of the physical distribution such as the rationalization of the business and the

best arrangement of the personnel Because it worries and it is solved.

We do the proposal which is based on the experience and the results which was engaged in the

business for many years as the professional of the physical distribution processing.

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