Characteristic of work in warehouse Service

In to say that the 3PL business becomes a 2,000,000,000,000 yen scale ( the restraint in 09 ),

in all of 々 such as the maintenance of the reduction, the lead time abridgment of the physical

distribution cost and the product quality, it is necessary to continue to provide the best and

best business for the consignor.

「The GF work in worehouse service」 is complex physical distribution processing industry

The 3PL company can point at the help of doing a proposal to the consignor in the depth and the

wider range.

It does to the contract of the quality control type business and physical distribution business in


As for the business of 3PL company's being troubled, we provide fine service.

The present situation corresponds at 80 personnel in 200, the central area in Kanto area but plans

further area expansion in the future.

work in warehouse Service - the merit

Relieved quality control

We provide the product quality a relief to the consignor by the quality control

( the inspection, the Needle detection, the repair and the press and so on ) by the

specializing professional person.

Wasteful cost reduction

Because we compared with the manpower dispatching who are unused do the

contract of the business contract ( the sheet unit price ), the support at

the desired unit price is possible and reduces the wasteful fee which occurs

by the manpower dispatching.


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